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Due to the lack of research on this niche topic, the purpose of this project is to create a resource for strength and conditioning professionals. The information provided is curated specifically for strength and conditioning coaches and the information is tailored to be used in this setting. This resource will be focused on the implementation of psychological skills training (PST) alongside a strength and conditioning training program. To successfully implement a mental skills program, the strength and conditioning professional needs to have a clear understanding of each skill. To address that need, there will be information provided to help the professional reach a level of competency in that area. Along with information on each topic, there will be activities and tips on how to incorporate PST with athletes in the weight room.

Having the resource in this format will make sharing the content easier for professionals across the field. The goal is to reach as many strength and conditioning professionals as possible to help them build their interpersonal skills and competence to more effectively aid in athlete preparation.

If you're curious and want to read a lengthy review of the literature, click below. Enjoy!

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